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Medieval History is Alive in the Barony of Blatha An Oir

Recreating History in the Tacoma – Pierce County Area

Welcome to the Barony of Blatha an Oir!

Replacement award tokens

If you need a replacement token for any Blatha an Oir award (e.g. Golden Blossom, Briar, Panther’s Torch, etc.), please fill out THIS FORM.

Twelfth Night 2024

The Barony of Blatha an Oir, in association with a consortium of Western Regional Baronial family members, is hosting the Kingdom of An Tir’s Twelfth Night Coronation in January of 2024! Click or tap on the Twelfth Night 2024 link in the menu above for more information.

COVID-19 information regarding in-person events

Due to changes in State and local regulations, the SCA’s COVIDSafe policy will be discontinued in An Tir effective March 15, 2022. This means event attendees will no longer have to show their Proof of Vaccination Card or Negative COVID test result to enter SCA activities.

Automatic suspension of Branch or Kingdom Activities due to a positive COVID test will be discontinued effective March 15, 2022. For more information visit the Kingdom of An Tir website.

Remember: we aren’t out of the COVID woods yet! The Kingdom of An Tir reminds you:

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

Remember to check the Baronial Calendar and the Barony of Blatha An Oir Populace Group on Facebook to learn about what activities are available. The Facebook page is a great place to introduce yourself. We would love to talk to you!

Further, please feel free to contact our Chatelaine, Lady Elizabeth North, at for more information about the SCA, local activities, and how to get involved.

Baron Yusuf & Baroness Angharat
Photo by Anne Asplund

Blatha an Oir is a local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a non-profit educational organization devoted to the research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, combat, culture, and employing knowledge of history to enrich the lives of participants through events, demonstrations, and other educational presentations and activities. Our Barony extends across Tacoma/Pierce County, Washington, and is centrally located in the Kingdom of An Tir. We are the sixth oldest Barony of An Tir, elevated to baronial status in 1983. Blatha An Oir was originally a shire of the Barony of Madrone.

Geographically, Blatha an Oir is bounded to the north by the Barony of Wyewood (South King County) and to the south by the Barony of Glymm Mere (Thurston and South Mason Counties). The Barony of Dragons Laire (Kitsap County) lies to the west. The Barony of Vulkanfeldt (Yakima and Yakima County) lies across the mountains to the East.

Events in Blatha An Oir

Fencers on the field of battle, photo by Anne Asplund
Fencing at Autumn War 2018
Photo by Anne Asplund

We are proud to host Autumn War, which is not only our biggest event but the largest war event in the Kingdom of An Tir. People from as far as Canada and southern Oregon come to our barony to engage in archery, thrown weapons, heavy armored combat, and to learn and teach a wide selection of arts and sciences. They also come to enjoy the company of others with an interest in medieval culture.

The Barony also hosts Harvest Feast, Candlemas, Sergeants Trials, and Embers and Ambrosia, which is an exciting event that includes the Daffodil Archery Tournament, the Baronial Arts and Sciences competition, and the Baronial Bardic competition.

Lord Defender is the Barony’s championship trials for heavy armored fighting, rapier, archery, and thrown weapons. Baronial champions in each field have the honor of serving the Barony for a year until the next Lord Defender tournament is held and new champions emerge.

Populace of the Barony

Our members come from many walks of life. We share an interest in the history and culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance and pursue that interest through Experimental Archeology. This is just a fancy way of saying we attempt to duplicate the many Arts and Sciences of hundreds of years ago. We study combat techniques, arts and crafts, social structures and dress of the period. This includes heavy armored combat, rapier, archery, spinning, weaving, dyeing, tailoring, embroidery, brewing, heraldry, carpentry, joinery, carving, blacksmithing, and much more. We encourage a hands-on approach to history. This study starts in the library but moves quickly to the forge, needle and tourney field. 

Don’t let this overwhelm you, though! Nobody expects anyone to be an expert right away, or have perfectly medieval gear or clothing. But there’s so much to do and explore that there’s something for just about everyone in the SCA.

Find out how to get involved!

There is so much to discover and try in the SCA, and in the Barony of Blatha An Oir. We hope you will decide to get involved with our Barony. We learn from studying, experimenting, and sharing our knowledge.

Please look around our website, and contact our Chatelaine, Lady Elizabeth North, for more information on what you can do in the SCA!