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February 3, 2024

Key Peninsula Civic Center
17010 Vaughn Road NW
Vaughn, WA 98394

Site opens: 10 a.m.
Site closes: 8 p.m.

Event Steward:
Annaka Poznanska (mka Anita Taylor)


The Baronies of Blatha An Oir and Dragon’s Laire invite you to our traditional winter event on February 3rd , 2024. The day’s activities will include Baronial Court, a Four Course Italian Feast, A&S Classes, a Bardic Circle, a Charity Heavy Tournament, a Magnificent Seven Largess Derby, Blatha An Oir and Dragon’s Laire Scribal Contests and Activities, a Sergeantry Meet and Greet, and a Youth Activity. An open Gaming table will be provided. Bring your tabletop games to share.

Battery operated candles and festive table decorations are encouraged. Bring your own table cloths to fit standard four-foot round banquet tables. Alcoholic beverages are allowed (in period containers, please). No open flame candles. No smoking or vaping within 25 feet of the hall entrances.

The hall is ADA accessible. Disabled Parking is available, as well as seating near gate. Please let the event steward know if you need assistance or would like a reserved, accessible seat for the feast.

We request that attendees consider the sensitivities of others and do not wear scented colognes, perfumes, body sprays, or heavily scented deodorants. These things trigger migraines in Our Baroness of Blatha An Oir, and we want her to be able to enjoy the event.

Pre-Registration is now full. You may still attend the event off-board, which means you will need to bring your own food.

Site Fee is $20 for adults 18 years and older, with a $5 discount for current SCA Members with a Blue Card, and free for Youth 17 and under.
Feast Fee is $15 for adults and youth.

10:00 am – Site Opens to the Populace. 
10:30 to 3:30 – Tournament, A&S Classes, Activities, and Socializing (Detailed Schedule coming soon!)
4:00 pm – Court 
After Court – Feast
8:00 pm – Event ends

No Pets. Service animals are welcome. For the safety and comfort of our guests and service animals, pets are not allowed.


Largesse Derby: The Magnificent Seven

At this year’s Candlemas, we will be having a Largesse Derby: the Magnificent 7. Those who wish to participate should bring 7 things (all the same thing, not a variety – so 7 needle books, 7 caps, etc) to be voted on by the populace in attendance. The voting will be done by bead count: each person attending will be given a bead, and will place their bead in the dish next to the entry they wish to vote for. After the winners are announced, each Barony will take two of each item to add to their largesse treasures. The top 3 votes will pick one item from the donations as their prize. The remaining items will go to the Kingdom, so that Their Majesties can share the talent and wealth of these two great Baronies.

If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to HL Ellisif at


Candlemas Co-Baronial Charter Design Contest

Candlemas will feature a contest for new Baronial charter designs. This is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

Blatha an Oir has two size categories for finished charter designs: Large and Small.

  • Large – 11”x14” (design area of 9”x12”) at one end of a 11″X17″ size paper (3″ blank space at one end). The design area will have 1” margins all around.
  • Small – 8.5”x11” (design area of 7.5”x10”) centered on 8.5”x11” size paper. The design area will have 0.5” margins all around.

You may do both the design and calligraphy, or just the calligraphy part, or just the design part. Please leave room for a 2″ diameter seal and approximately 0.5”x1.5” signature space each for the Baron and Baroness. Calligraphers, please leave a blank space for the recipient’s name and month, day, and year the award is granted. Linework should be done with a minimum 05 size pen (Microns are recommended). Texts are provided below.

If you are not a calligrapher, please reach out to HL Thomasina (Tamsin), Baronial Scribe, and she will put you in contact with one, and vice versa for calligraphers who are not artists. Texts for awards, badges or necessary elements, and calligraphy hands we are currently using, will be posted along with some useful links in the BOA Scribes Facebook group (please join us if you are not already there). Award texts have been updated as of 12/12/2023 and have been linked below.

Entries will consist of a line drawing on either 11”x17” or 8.5”x11” paper with calligraphy, a painted copy, and an alphabet of capitals and lowercase letters (if applicable) if using a hand other than those easily legible in English. There will be 3″x5″ index cards provided to put the name(s) of the scribe(s) entering the design and calligraphy and to note whether they are a new scribe, or you can bring one filled out. We would love to know about the inspiration for your design if you want to add that too.

You do not need to attend the event to enter, but unless you have someone bringing it for you, please get it to us by the end of January.

Entry categories:

  • BAO Baroness’s Favorite Large (11×17) and Small (8.5×11)
  • BAO Baron’s Favorite(11×17) and Small (8.5×11)
  • Wordsmithing
  • Calligraphy
  • New Scribe (2 years or less)

The Calligraphy and New Scribe categories will be held jointly with Dragon’s Laire. Tokens of appreciation will be given to all participants.

Verbage for awards – text document


Candlemas Tournament

Good Gentles of An Tir. It is with extreme pleasure that we announce to you the Candlemas VFW Charity Tournament. There is an entrance fee of $10.00, all of which goes to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

First Place will take a beautiful hand axe.

That’s not all though! The best inspiration of those talented and deadly fighters will earn a reward given by Their Excellencies of Blatha an Oir!

Payment accepted via cash, check made payable to the VFW Foundation or PayPal. Also, non-fighters are encouraged to donate in the name of your favorite fighter, Barony, or in honor of a Veteran.