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Peers of Blatha An Oir

Peers that call Blatha An Oir home

There are four orders of peerage in the SCA. They are listed here in the order that they were first created: Knights or Masters of Arms (Heavy Fighting), Laurels (Arts and Sciences), Pelicans (Service), and the Masters of Defence (Rapier).

The following is a list of peers who are either active or dwelling in Blatha an Oir currently. Some listed are important to the barony in some way even if they live outside of our borders, through past and current service, sergeantry, etc.

There are a number of ways to acknowledge the rank of a peer when you speak to them, and our peers have historically accurate ways to do this occasionally. That is why some of the peers listed here seem to have very different titles. Additionally, some of these distinguished individuals have earned other titles as Royal Peers or by serving as Baron/Baroness, and that is also recorded here if it is their preference to be addressed as such.

*** If you are a Peer of Blatha an Oir and are not on this list, please contact the web minister so we can add you! If you are listed below and your preferred title isn’t correct, please contact us with the correct spelling of your title and name to fix it!


Sir Valtorr of Oslo January 14, 1989

Sir Hathawulf Spearbreaker September 24, 1994

Sir Loehtgar Gallobchar July 21, 2001

Sir Jon Wolfstan May 21, 2005

Sir Gernon Valletort du Harfleur January 14, 2006

Baron OR Sir (Boyar/Bogatyr) Aleksii Konstantinovich Chernoi (Seventh Baron of BaO) July 15, 2006

Sir Guy Grimsson July 21, 2007

Sir Kane Severus July 19, 2008

Sir Warin of Essex May 16, 2015

Sir OR Master Leith An Amhrenai dal gCais January 14, 2017

Equis Decimus Marius Gavinius Brittanicus July 21, 2018

Sir Tancred Paone July 20, 2019

Sir Agmundr Glummson November 12, 2022


Baroness Isabeau de Lis Noir (Second Baroness of BaO) July 17, 1993

Mistress Tess Ella of Silvershadow July 18, 1993

Master Artemus de Montessori (4th Baron of BaO) August 30, 1997

Mistress Alisaundre ni Fedhlimidh dal gCais January 19, 1999

Maestro Giuseppe Giordano Maria Falconieri January 25, 2003

Sir OR Master Leith An Amhrenai dal gCais July 17, 2004

Dame Ellen Fraser January 14, 2006

Maitresse Melusine d’Argent March 4, 2006

Her Excellency Judith de Northumbria, comita (countess) et magistra laurea August 25, 2006

Hersir OR Master Sven Red Beard Einarson (Sixth Baron of BaO) July 19, 2008

Mistress Sarah de Bonneville July 18, 2009

Dame Elizabeth FittzWilliam of Carlisle September 3, 2016 [Eighth Baroness of Blatha an Oir]

Meistres Angharat verch Reynulf (also known as Paronitar Valborg Hyvärintytär af Ihala, or Magistra Olivia di Carducci) [Seventh Baroness of BaO] July 20, 2019

Mistress Maricke January 11, 2020

Magnifica Raffaella Di Contino, Courtier Emeritus January 8, 2022

Maestra Vittoria di Carducci January 14, 2023

Magnifica Maire Blakater July 15, 2023


Mistress Tess Ella of Silvershadow January 12, 1991

Baroness Rowan O’Ceallachain of Muscraidhe (Founding Baroness of BaO) May 18, 1991

Master Walram von Laufenberg July 17, 1993

Master Artemus de Montessori (4th Baron of BaO) January 9, 1994

Master Ian MacDougall January 11, 1997

Master Hrollaugr Njálsson (Also known as Baron or Master Ralg) June 3, 1999

Master Pyotr Constantinovich September 3, 2000

Mistress Pegge Leg the Merchant January 13, 2007

Mistress Alyna Wolfstan July 20, 2013

Magnifica Raffaella Di Contino, Courtier Emeritus September 1, 2013

Baroness Elspeth Nic Grath (Fourth Baroness of BaO) July 16, 2016

Mistress Aisha al Zahra September 3, 2022 (Sixth Baroness of BaO)

Masters of Defence

Maitre Sebastien de Caen July 18, 2015

Master Verith de Prendergast July 29, 2017

Maisteri Rosa Marcella January 12, 2019