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Baronial Polling

The new Baroness & Baron of Blatha An Oir are joyfully announced!

The Crowns of An Tir, in their wisdom, have chosen among the fine candidates who stepped forward who will lead our barony. HL Angharat verch Reynulf & Baron yusuf ja’bar al timbuktuwwi el qalot are chosen as the Baroness and Baron of Blatha An Oir.

HL Angharat verch Reynulf & Baron yusuf ja’bar al timbuktuwwi el qalot

Angharat & yusuf, photo by Anne Asplund

A few words from Angharat & Yusuf

We are honored and humbled to be selected as your next Baron and Baroness. We would like to thank Their Majesties for their confidence in us and the Barony for their support, especially in light of the worthy candidates who were also options. We will strive to meet and surpass your expectations. Our thanks and acceptance to all those who have begun to reach out and offer us support and assistance, we welcome your help. Let’s work together to show An Tir that we are indeed, the flower of our Kingdom!

We plan to encourage the Arts – Martial, Creative, and Service. All are part of the Dream that is the Society, and we CAN have all three together and do it well. We want to make this fun, and open to all, showcase the service and skills of our people, use pageantry and display, recognize all the work the members of our Barony do, and help people do the things they enjoy (and try new things)!

This cannot be done by us alone, we need to work with you to make things happen. We need to hear what things you enjoy, what you want to do, to have you willing and able to volunteer, in order for us all to have fun and be recognized. Sending in award recommendations, volunteering to teach a class at an event, First Thorsday, or as a stand alone evening/day concept; doing a carpool to another Barony’s practice as a group to gain prowess and skills, helping run and event or taking a turn or two at Gate or as retinue; donating an item or two for largesse, being a deputy or even Baronial Officer – all are things that we need the populace’s help with making happen.

Letter of Intent of
Angharat & Yusuf
SCA Resume of
Angharat verch Reynulf
SCA Resume of
yusuf ja’bar al timbuktuwwi
el qalot

Other Resources for Angharat and Yusuf
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Interested in the process? There’s more information available in The Kingdom of An Tir Baronial Polling Process.