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Baronial Polling

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The Baronial Polling is the opportunity for the populace to express their opinions on the candidates for Baron and Baroness, Baron and Baron, or Baroness and Baroness, as applicable. While it is not an election, it is the duty of the populace to consider the qualities they value in their representatives to the Thrones of An Tir, and share their thoughts to help Their Majesties of An Tir make the choice that is the best for our Barony.

To participate in the polling, you must have an active SCA membership and reside in the barony. However, anyone is free to send their thoughts to the crown at outside the polling process.

Interested in the process? There’s more information available in The Kingdom of An Tir Baronial Polling Process.

Meet & Greet

Meet the Candidates!

6:30 pm Wed. May 15th 
Dryers Masonic Hall
306 134th St S
Tacoma, WA 98444

This is a chance for members of the populace to get to know the Baronial Candidates a little better. The Masonic Hall has parking and lots of room to be comfortable.

The Candidates

HL Alizand Thorgeirsson née LeFevre & Lord Hákon Þorgeirsson von Eignersfjord

Alizand & Hákon , photo by Anne Asplund

Over the more than 26 years we have been actively involved in the Society, we have had the opportunity to see the beauty of the SCA as well as the darker side and feel confident that we understand and can commit to making the Society, Kingdom and the Barony a haven of security and serenity.

As Coronets, should the Crown bestow it upon us, we would strive to be the embodiment of the Dream, remembering at all times that we are the representatives of the Crown and the populous of Blatha An Oir. We will advocate for our people at every level, supporting them by attending events they are active in, recommending them to the Crowns and other Coronets as appropriate and personally recognizing them for their accomplishments. We would strive to listen to our officers, our Sergeants and the populous and heed their counsel. In short, as Baron and Baroness, we would always remember that we are only the hand of the Crown and the voice of the people.

Letter of Intent of
Alizand and Hákon
SCA Resume of
Thorgeirsson née LeFevre
SCA Resume of
Lord Hákon Þorgeirsson
von Eignersfjord

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HL Angharat verch Reynulf & Baron yusuf ja’bar al timbuktuwwi el qalot

Angharat & yusuf, photo by Anne Asplund

Between us, we have the ability to connect with many of the communities within the barony. Yusuf is a senior archery marshal currently holding the position of baronial marshal, in addition to being a Yeoman of Blatha an Oir and being on the EDI Council and has held many of the offices within the barony over the 30 years he has been a member of the Society. Since 1982, Angharat has participated in a number of interests that all intertwine with her personas; her three current active positions are within the College of Heralds as a herald-at-large and Scholar Herald, the Reporting Deputy for Western and Rivers regions, the A&S Officer for the barony, as well as being the Sergeant Major for the Blatha an Oir Sergeantry. The combined experience of having two Sergeants who have between them held almost all of the offices for a branch or worked as baronial or Royal retinue, as well as the ongoing friendships with members in so many neighboring branches, should help us balance the requirements of those offices and listen to the populace. We feel that these interests and resources of experience and friendships will help us strengthen the ties Blatha an Oir has throughout the Kingdom of An Tir.

Letter of Intent of
Angharat & Yusuf
SCA Resume of
Angharat verch Reynulf
SCA Resume of
yusuf ja’bar al timbuktuwwi
el qalot

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Lady Francisca Rosil & HL Agmundr Glúmsson

Francisca & Agmundr, photo by Anne Asplund

Over the past 20 years we have seen many exciting changes in the SCA, discovered new interests and passions, found opportunities to serve, and forged the strongest of friendships. In service we have found a calling together. Francisca is currently the Baronial Chronicler and has also stepped up as Baronial Chatelaine. Agmundr is the Baronial Heavy Marshal, as well as bearing the honor of Baronial Champion. Our candidacy for Baron and Baroness is rooted in our desire to serve this Barony that we love, to call forth the best in every member, and help make everyone’s experience of the SCA better.

Most of all, we believe in an equitable, diverse, and inclusive SCA. We want to provide everyone with the same opportunity to learn and grow in the SCA that we were given. To newcomers we will extend a hand, the warmth of our fire, and a place at the table. For those in the SCA who haven’t quite found their place, we shall help them carve out a spot that fits. And for those who toil behind the scenes we would be honored to bring your deeds into the light.

Letter of Intent of Francisca RosilLetter of Intent of Agmundr
SCA Resume of Francisca RosilSCA Resume of Agmundr

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