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Baronial Officers

It takes many people to get things rolling and keep things going in our fair barony. Without our many volunteers Blatha an Oir would simply cease to be. Below, you will find listings of our current Baronial Officers. (If you find any information on this page inaccurate or out of date, please contact the webminister).

Please note that the following Baronial Officer positions are either currently open or will be opening up soon. We are also in need of deputies for almost all officer positions. You are NOT obligated to take the main office if you are deputy. If you are interested, please submit your application to the seneschal:

  • Family Activities – needs a background check
  • Deputy Demo Coordinator
  • Deputy Chatelaine

Baron and Baroness

Sir Gernon Valletort du Harfleur (mka: Darin Waller)
A’yse al-Zahra (mka: Alice Waller)
Phone: 253-732-9040 (A’yse) 253-732-4225 (Gernon)

Head of Retinue

Baroness Elspeth nic Grath, O.P. (mka: Beth Park)
Phone: 253-255-4625

Court Coordinators

Zophia Ivanova (mka: Frances Bauer)

Aislinn (MKA Georgia Cookson)



Baroness Elspeth nic Grath, O.P. (mka: Beth Park)
Phone: 253-255-4625


Aislinn (MKA Georgia Cookson)
Phone: 253-310-8432  (No calls after 9pm)


Alizand Thogeirsson (MKA )

Heavy Marshal

Agmundr Glumsson (mka: Kass Hodorowski)
Phone: 253-222-0282

Rapier Marshal

Verith de Prendergast (mka: Jason Prendergast)
Phone: 253-970-5663

Archery Marshal

Yusuf Ja’bar al Timbuktuwwi el galot (mka: Vincent Stewart)

Archery Deputy

Johannes Fairhand  (mka: J.D. Shush)


Maéhrid (mka:Kathleen Elling)
Phone: 253-318-9924


Francisca de Rosil (mka: Francisca Ossiander)

Chronicler Deputy

Taro Kurohayahsi (mka: Mark Blackwood)

Web Minister

Berwyn Ulric (mka: Scott Cookson)
Phone: 360-990-4035 (NO CALLS AFTER 9:00 pm please.)

Deputy Web Ministers

HL Audny Refsdottir (mka: Erin Severe)
Phone: 253-306-5998 (leave a message as no unknown numbers will be answered)

HL Emelev the Chaste (mka: Zoe Ruskin)

Gate Keeper

Baroness Anne of Bearshaven (mka: Anne Asplund)
Phone: 253-380-0533

Arts and Sciences

Angharat verch Reynulf (mka: Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Prill)
Phone: 253-377-8952


Seigmund Faust (mka: Donald Brown)  ***LOOKING FOR DEPUTY
Phone: 253-228-7566

Gold Key

Lady Aleksandra Grozkaya -aka- Sasha (mka: Rachel Watson)
Phone: 609-372-0741 (NO CALLS AFTER 8:30 PM, please.)


Thomasina “Tamsin” Fairamay (mka Melissa Nichols)
Phone: 253-777-8316

Family Activities



Jazod Felygo (mka: Darrell Park)
Phone: 253-590-8683

Demo Coordinator

Seigmund Faust (mka: Donald Brown)    ***LOOKING FOR DEPUTY
Phone: 253-228-7566