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The Populace

Our populace (members) come from many walks of life. We share an interest in the history and culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance and pursue that interest through Experimental Archeology by attempting to duplicate the many Arts and Sciences of the period(s) we hope to replicate.

We study combat techniques, arts and crafts, social structures and dress of the period. This includes Heavy weapons, rapier, archery, spinning, weaving, dyeing, tailoring, embroidery, brewing, heraldry, carpentry, joinery, carving, blacksmithing, and much more. We encourage a hands on approach to history and believe that study starts in the library but moves quickly to the forge, needle and tourney field. This website aims to provide a glimpse into our world and resources for our members.

For more information on getting involved with our barony, you may contact our Chatelaine, Bite Kiska .

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