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Sergeants of Blatha An Oir

Roll of the Sergeantry of the Barony of Blatha an Oir

See the Armorial of the Sergeantry

Membership Classifications

ACTIVE A member who is active in the Barony and in all the aspects of the Sergeantry.

EMERITUS A member who has achieved a peerage. Has a less active but honored role in Sergeantry. Speaks at council but does not vote except for approval of a Patroness.

WITH THE MASTERS An Active, Emeritus, Retired, or Honorary member who has left this mortal world for the next.

ON MISSION/LEAVE OF ABSENCE A member who must be away (physically) from the Blatha an Oir Sergeantry. For example, Military service, moved out of  Kingdom, Baron of another Barony. Does not play an active role but  would be welcomed back when their situation changes. Status must  be approved by Her Excellency.

RETIRED  A member who has left the Sergeantry under honorable circumstance, for example, someone who is no longer able to keep up with being an active member of the Sergeantry. They can speak at council and participate in the Trials, but do not vote.

HONORARY A member who has not stood the Trials and whose position is honorary. Honorary members speak at council and participate in the Trials, but do not vote.

RESIGNED A member who has quit the Sergeantry.

DISCHARGED: A member who has left the Sergeantry under less than honorable circumstances.

Order of Entry

Multiple buckles listed by first earned

First Sergeant Harold Thorgoodson von RheinholdRETIRED
Sergeant Ralgnar NilsenRETIRED/EMERITUS
Sergeant David de BargeneauxRETIRED
Sergeant Josef D’GonvilleRETIRED
Sergeant Walram von LaufenbergRETIRED/ EMERITUS
Sergeant Haakon HaukersonRETIRED
Yeoman Tichona de CaldaraRESIGNED
Sergeant Ulf Tonn Bjornarson HaakonarstadirRETIRED
Sergeant Cairbre macc Eochada micc FedelmidIN TIR NA NOG, With the Masters
Sergeant Chikara MochiRESIGNED
Sergeant Kono MichiariRESIGNED
Yeoman Knut Skytja ThorgundobaldACTIVE
Sergeant Yeoman Julian Edward Farnsworth of FalconmoorON THE RANGE ABOVE
Sergeant Edmund GrahamACTIVE
Sergeant Alina (Aliena) of IerneRETIRED
Gallant Elon Ben Moshe ON MISSION
Sergeant Leith an Amhranai dal ‘CaisRETIRED
Sergeant Edwin de GrisRETIRED
Gallant Master Artemus de MontessoriEMERITUS OP
Sergeant Iain MacDhugal Cameron of Ben LiathRESIGNED
Yeoman William MacInoischiRETIRED
Sergeant/Yeoman Gwalchgwyn ap GryffynRETIRED
Sergeant Hathawolf the Spearbreaker EMERITUS KSCA
Gallant Friedrich Wilhelm von FaulkenbergHONORARY
Gallant Sebastien de CaenRETIRED
Gallant Katerina RazinRETIRED
Sergeant Yeoman Julian Edward Farnsworth of FalconmoorON THE RANGE ABOVE
Sergeant Karl von der OstwacheRETIRED
Gallant Robert GreylionRESIGNED
Sergeant Denis Duncan MacLarenACTIVE
Gallant Diana MacLachlanACTIVE
Sergeant Denis Duncan MacLarenACTIVE
Gallant Diana MacLachlanACTIVE
Gallant Ewen MacLarenACTIVE
Sergeant Leif Moonshadow DalessonnRETIRED
Sergeant Gareth of EastbrookACTIVE
Courtier Mistress Melusine d’ArgentEMERITUS OL
Courtier Hroswitha of HelmsdaleACTIVE
Yeoman Alan FletcherON LEAVE OF ABSENCE
Courtier Fionnruadhachain O’FaolainRETIRED
Sergeant Iain Ruadh MacKinnonON MISSION
Courtier Alisaundre Ni Feidhleimeidh dal ‘CaisEMERITUS OL
Courtier Guiseppe FalconieriEMERITUS OL
Courtier/Patroness Rowen O’Ceallachain of MuscraidheON LEAVE OF ABSENCE
Sergeant Karl RedstoneIN VALHALLA
Courtier Ellen FraserEMERITUS OL
Sergeant/Gallant Gavin MacKinlayEMERITA KSCA
Courtier Katheryn de GonnevilleACTIVE
Gallant Ulric MorganACTIVE
Gallant iDonea Morain ACTIVE
Sergeant/Yeoman Gwalchgwyn ap GryffynRETIRED
Sergeant Eoghan O’CaireallainRESIGNED
Courtier Angharad ver’ ReynulfACTIVE
Courtier Annaka PoznanskaACTIVE
Courtier Raffaella di ContiniACTIVE
Gallant Melusine d’ ArgentRETIRED/EMERITUS OL
Courtier Audny RefsdottirACTIVE
Courtier Zahra bint al-RammahON LEAVE OF ABSENCE
Sergeant Colin GrahamACTIVE
Yeoman Yusuf Ja’bar al Timbuktuwwi el QualotACTIVE
Sergeant Nels Ulfgar iJarenACTIVE
Sir Valtorr of Oslo, KSCA ActiveHONORARY MEMBER
Dame Isabeau du lis Noire, OL; 2nd Baroness of Blatha an OirPATRONESS
Mistress Tess Ella of Silvershadow, OL, OPVOX SERGEANTUS
Baroness Marike Sigrunsdotir, 5th Baroness of Blatha an OirPATRONESS
Courtier Elisabethe FitzWilliam of Carlisle, OL ACTIVE
Courtier Maire nic Shiobhan ACTIVE