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Blatha An Oir Online Activities

Gathering in the Age of Social Distancing

Or, the Spring/Summer of our Discontent

Community is one of the things that make the SCA great. While we are unable to meet in person in our efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, it is important to stay in touch with each other and continue participating in SCA activities to the extent that we are able. Technology helps us by facilitating online meetings, and to share our projects and ideas.

Below find resources for activities in the kingdom, in the barony, and excellent classes held live and recorded.

Also, be sure to join the Barony of Blatha An Oir Populace Group on Facebook to get updates on online activities in the Barony and around the SCA.

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Online Meeting Platforms

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Official Kingdom online events and resources

Blatha An Oir online gatherings and resources

  • Monday Sewing Night
    NOTE: Not an official SCA meeting
    The Blatha An Oir sewing night is traditionally held on Monday nights at 7pm. Check with the Blatha An Oir social page to check and make sure sewing night is scheduled for this week.

    Join a Blatha An Oir Virtual Meeting: Connecting from a computer? Just head to the following link. You should have the option to launch from browser or download the application. The choice is yours. Either way you may have to give permission to your camera to the website or app.

    Connecting from a Smart Phone/Tablet?Download the BlueJeans app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After the app is installed you can tap the meeting link to be taken to the meeting. Once again you may have to grant camera and audio permissions. After you have done this once it is just as easy as opening the link next time.

    Connecting from a phone (audio only)?Call (US): 408.317.9253 Then enter your Meeting ID: 8675309253 and press #Best Practices• Mute yourself unless speaking• Lower volume to reduce feedback

    Want to test your connection? Here is an always running test meeting.
    Talk to Jean!

    Contact Her Excellency Baroness Maricka Sigrunsdotter, OL(Dena) or Agmundr Glumsson to assist you if you have any problems getting access.

    Stay safe, know you are cared for, and that we want you to be able to join us in person in the future!