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September Crown 2021 has been postponed

Hear now the Words from the Crown:

An Tir,‎
We are moving closer to the time where we hope for the return and reuniting with friends ‎and family from afar. As we approach this time, we need to be aware and mindful of the outside ‎factors that may impact our plans and which may, in the more extreme cases, potentially ‎postpone them.

‎As always, logistics, policy, politics, health, infection rates, and financial barriers are ‎considerations behind Our decisions to re-open and continue Our Kingdom’s progress toward ‎sustainable event planning, and reinstating Kingdom level eventing.‎

At the core of Our current considerations is the upcoming potential to hold Our Crown ‎tournament, Sept 4.‎

Our position has always been to resume as normal within Our typical Kingdom calendar, ‎upon reopening. We hoped to bring our Kingdom back together with the fewest issues or ‎complexities that changing key event dates, or combining events could potentially cause. ‎

At this time, We believe the best path forward considering the developing trajectory of ‎current concerns of COVID-19, is to cancel the current plans for Our Crown Tournament, and ‎postpone to a later date.‎

We have maintained since the beginning that one of the conditions required to hold Our ‎Crown Tournament is that the International border must be open for non-essential travel. With ‎that in mind, the potential need to postpone Our September Crown tournament and not proceed ‎to Our final step of event openings has always been present and possible. Currently there are ‎considerations that remain, and this has prompted this decision.‎

As the time has come closer, We have considered deadlines and the work being done to ‎prepare for this event. We are aware of the complexities and impact this will have on the people ‎involved, the local groups, and those planning to attend.‎

We want to thank the event team and those involved in the planned execution of this ‎event, for their hard work under the expected difficulties the first major events were likely to ‎face.‎We have heard your voices, and We have taken your words to heart. Many wish for a ‎return, and others ask for caution and delay; We weigh all of these considerations when We plan ‎how to move forward for this great Populace that We have vowed to protect with all of Our ‎power. ‎

We will be reviewing the potential dates to hold Our postponed Crown Tournament, and ‎We will announce our planned new date as soon as possible via the kingdom webpage, and We ‎will communicate as best as is possible across all available social media platforms.‎

Thank you for your understanding, as We navigate these delicate actions toward our long ‎awaited return.‎

Christian III ‎Rex
Helene III ‎Regina

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