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Greetings unto the Greatest Populace in the Known World

I made an announcement at Candlemas which I would like to repeat for all to hear.
Our Great and Noble King Styrkarr and Queen Stjarna has proclaimed the rules of the list for Antir’s next Crown Tournament in May. In summary they are:
• All An Tir legal weapons and shields will be allowed

• ALL combatants and ALL consorts in the May Crown Tourney must have a name AND device either registered or “in submission” through the College of Heralds
In order to encourage compliance with this requirement, any combatant or consort who declares a financial hardship with the fees associated with the heraldic submission, will have their submission fees paid from the personal account of the King and Queen. This is our gift to our subjects to encourage persona development and the use of personal heraldry to the betterment of Our Kingdom.
To declare a financial hardship you must merely tell the consulting Herald at the time of submission. No questions asked.

• All combatants in May Crown Tournament shall have a painted shield board bearing their registered (or in-submission) device on the front and the name of the combatant on the back. (this is the small shields used on the pairings board)

Now please allow me to speak to heraldic submissions aspect of these requirements. I have always believed that the registration of a name and device brings so much to the game that we all play and love. It adds to the ambiance and historical feel of the events we attend. It also makes it feel as if each one of us in personally contributing to the dream. I feel that it is important enough that I make it mandatory for my squires and other vessel’s to do. So as you can imagine I love this aspect of the Crown requirements.

But the fact that our King and Queen are willing to this back up by personally helping those who would like to fight in the List but could not because of added finical burden is truly inspirational. This is the true face of Chivalry and Nobility.

In fact, in a poor attempt to emulate this deed, ALL the Knights of Blatha An Oir would like to make this gesture. For those members of the populace of BAO who are not fighting in the May Crown Tournament and therefore cannot take advantage of the Kings generosity, the Chivalry of the Barony will sponsor up to ten submissions to the herald for either name or device or both. There are no requirements to take up this offer, just please let me, any other Knight of the Barony, or our baronial submissions herald know that you would like to do so. It is our truest hope that we can help you and help our barony live the dream we all share.

Humbly yours in Service
Sir Gernon, Baron of Blatha An Oir
Sir Michael
Sir Aleksii
Sir Warin
Sir Guy
Sir Loethgar
Sir Woflstan