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Baronial Library

Books may be signed out with a deposit (posted after each book title) for a period of 1 month. Book pickup can be coordinated with the Baronial Chatelaine and picked up at Baronial business meeting.

The following books are available from the Baronial library:

  • SCA organizational Handbook (10$)
  • An Tir Book of Combat (10$)
  • An Tir Book of Rapier Combat (10$)
  • Laws of the Kingdom of An Tir (10$)
  • An Tir Book of Target (10$)
  • Elegantly Frugal Costumes (12$)
  • Historic Costumes and How to Make Them (Dover) (10$)
  • Patterns for Theatrical Costumes (30$)
  • Life in a Medieval Village (11$)
  • Life in a Medieval City (11$)
  • Medieval Lives (15$)