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Moving to An Tir

Welcome to An Tir!

Since you have probably been in the Society for several years, we felt that you would appreciate having an introduction to the Barony of Blatha an Oir and The Kingdom of AnTir that didn’t entail the usual SCA 101 stuff.  You probably already know that stuff. We would like to introduce you to our beautiful kingdom!


An Tir is a very large Kingdom. We currently have two Principalities: Summits (Southern Oregon) and Tir Righ (Western BC, Northern WA), so there are two Principality Coronets.

Blatha an Oir is located in what is commonly referred to as “Central An Tir” called the western region merely for administrative purposes. Our nearest neighbors to the northeast include Barony of Madrone (Seattle and East King County), the Barony of Wyewood (South King County), The Barony of Aquaterra (Snohomish County). To the Northwest you have the Barony of Dragonslaire (Kitsap and North Mason Counties) and Shire of Druim Doineann (Port Angeles – Clallum & Jefferson Counties, WA). To the South is the Barony of Glymm Mere.

Sumptuary Laws in An Tir

Many Kingdoms have sumptuary laws that dictate who can wear what colors of clothing or headgear or whatever. Well, AnTir doesn’t have any Sumptuary Laws, save that you not wear anything that denotes a rank that you have not earned. Like all Kingdoms, you can’t wear a crown or coronet unless you are entitled to wear them.

The current Crowns of An Tir can be seen at: . Obviously, Ducal and County coronets, as well as Baronial coronets, should be pretty much the same as from the Kingdom where you came from, so just assume you don’t want to wear anything that looks like those.

An Tir is relatively easy going about the wearing of metal circlets. Anyone can wear a metal circlet in An Tir as long as it doesn’t have any of the insignia of a rank that you haven’t earned or achieved.

Kingdom Law

If you are interested, the Kingdom Law can be found at:


Like all Kingdoms, AnTir has the standard Peerages: Royal, Chivalry, Laurel, Pelicans, and Masters of Defence. We also have a Grant of Arms and an Award of Arms.

In AnTir, Grant of Arms comes with the following orders:

  • Goutte de Sang (Service)
  • Jambe de Leon (A&S)
  • Hasta Leonis (Heavy Weapons)
  • White Scarf (Rapier – retired)
  • Grey Goose Shaft (Archery).

Now, all members of these orders may be addressed as the Honorable Lord/Lady or His/Her Lord/Ladyship, however, the final two orders are polling orders whose members are addressed by titles specific to their orders; members of the Order of the White Scarf are addressed as Don or Dona. They will often take students, similar to a squire, called cadets. Members of the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft are commonly addressed as Archos and their students are commonly referred to as Arcuarius.

All of the An Tir Kingdom awards are listed on the SCA Website:

As a Barony, Blatha an Oir, also, has a number of awards given as a form of recognition by our Baron and Baroness:

  • Golden Blossom – Service to the Barony
  • Order of the Panther’s Torch – Extraordinary skill in and promoting Arts & Sciences within the Barony
  • Order of the Briar – Extraordinary service to the Barony

See a full list of Baronial Awards


In An Tir, and, especially, in Blatha an Oir, you will hear folks refer to the Sergeantry. Back in the Pre-Kingdom days of An Tir, the Sergeantry was born. Each Barony uses (or doesn’t use) their Sergeantry differently, but this is a unique organization that was created to challenge folks at a time when Crowns didn’t come to visit often and Peers were few and far between. The Sergeantry originally acted as the Baroness’ guard and The Baroness of Blatha an Oir still uses her Sergeants as a ceremonial guard. These folks have been tested on several levels to earn their belt buckles (or pendants) and cloaks. Originally, there were just Sergeants (heavy weapons), but now there are Yeoman (Archers), Gallant (Rapier), Lancers (Equestrian) and Courtiers (Arts & Sciences) all falling under the title of the Sergeantry. These folks are respected and honored because they have worked so hard to become a member of the Sergeantry.


Do you like camping? An Tir loves camping events! We don’t cancel events for rain, snow or sun, unless there is a serious danger to human life. An Tirians are a hearty sort and we do enjoy the challenge of inclement weather. Fortunately, we are a Kingdom where you can wear lots of wool.

Wool is your friend here. It will keep you warm, even when it gets wet. So, unless you are deathly allergic, it is strongly suggested that you invest in some quality wool.

Sometimes event sites are divided by “period” camping and “non-period” camping. “Period” camping, generally means that all modern tents are hidden from view behind the Pavilions within the encampment. RVs will usually be relegated to a special area, but in certain cases where the Vehicle has been cleverly hidden in a “cosy” so as not detract from the overall atmosphere of the event, they are sometimes given special leeway (at the autocrat or site owner’s discretion) to reside within “period” camping.

The Barony welcomes you and hopes this article has given you a nice guideline for how to proceed within The Barony of Blatha an Oir and the Kingdom of An Tir. Information on activities throughout the month can be found on the Calendar page.