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For Newcomers

Welcome to the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

I am Siegmund Faust (feel free to email me at: your Chatelaine, or “welcome wagon.” My job is to help you get adjusted to this new world that is the SCA; to help you understand our language and customs and traditions I will do all that I can to make your welcome and transition into the current middle ages as easy as possible. We have many resources in the Barony to help you make the transition. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance, questions are always welcomed.

You are invited to attend any of our meetings and/or practices. For more information, please checkout our Meetings & Practices Page.

A great place to get Baronial information is The Blatherings, Blatha an Oir’s Official Baronial Newsletter; and the Postern Gate, the Blatha an Oir Baronial e-mail list. We also have a Baronial Facebook page.

Below are listed a few suggestions to help you start out at your first event:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Ask questions
  • Come to at least 4 meetings
  • Go to new comers Orientation sessions
  • Get one piece of medievel clothing
  • Be responsible for getting your own things
  • Practice Chivalry, Honor and Courtesy at all times
  • Volunteer and help whenever possible
  • Bow to the Thrones (even if unoccupied)
  • Address others by their rank and title (your Excellency, your Majesty)
  • Do not walk through the Eric/List fields
  • Do not walk throught encampments without permission
  • Smoke in designated area only
  • Hide all modern equipment
  • Move your vehicle to designated parking area as soon as possible