Embers & Ambrosia

This year Embers and Ambrosia, along with Daffodil archery and Celtic Bardic, will be held on APRIL 28-30th, 2017, at the Swiss Sportsmen’s Club of Tacoma in Bonney Lake.

9205 198th Ave E
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

The Barony of Blatha an Oir is honored to announce that this event will have our most  honorable and gracious Majesties in attendance!

Site Fee:
Write checks out to “Barony of Blatha An Oir, SCA inc.”
Adults: $15
Adult SCA Member Discount: $5
Children 17 and under: Free with legal guardian (Please bring minor waivers!)
Sleeping tent fee: $10 per enclosed sleeping tent
RV: $15 dry, $20 with hook-up
Site amenities: Showers and flushing toilets, building with electricity and small kitchen. If you would like to use the kitchen please contact the event steward. You must clean up after yourself
Dogs are allowed on leashes as long as owners clean up after them.

Would you like to merchant this event? We are taking merchant applications!  To merchant there is no separate fee, we ask that you donate a small item to the Daffodil tourney as a prize. Contact HL Alizand for info if you have questions!

If you would like to teach at this event, please email the event steward the following information! We are making this event Ithra qualified as well!

SCA Name:
Modern Name:
Email: (For myself or potential students to contact, if you prefer this not to be published publically let me know)
Prefered day/time of class:
Name of class:
Number of students you feel comfortable teaching at one time:
Description of class: (include fees or materials you will be bringing or need students to bring, if the class is appropriate for all ages, etc.)
Items you need from the event steward team:

Event Steward: HL Audny Refsdottir
Contact: erin_dolphin@hotmail.com, 253-306-5998 (Or Erin Severe on Facebook)

Deputy Steward: Maire Nic Shiobhan
Contact: Blackwood456@yahoo.com

Site Coordinator/Sponsor: Jeremy Simmons
Contact: message Event steward with site questions

Merchant-crat: HL Alizand Thorgeirsson
Contact: alizaunde@gmail.com

A&S Championship: HL Audny Refsdottir

We currently have three hopefuls who have declared their intent to compete! Each individual will be presenting a single entry item, either an object or process with documentation before a panel of judges. Judges will be using the Kingdom judging sheets so as to help people become familiar with kingdom’s standards and to help them with future championships if they choose to compete at the Kingdom level.

Bardic Championship: Lady Annik de Venoix

Bardic Competition:
Pieces should be in a period, or periodesque style.
Filks are allowed as long as they are SCA appropriate.
Competitors should show proficiency in at least 3 out of 4 categories:





Extra Points awarded for:

Combined music
Writing and performing original story or song.
Combining any 2 physical.
Performing in a period style (Champion’s discretion)
Documentation of pieces (Champion’s discretion)

All rules are subject to the current Bardic Champion’s discretion, particularly how many categories competitors need to be proficient in.

Daffodil Tournament: HE Yusuf Ja’bar Timbuktuwwi and HL Phydeaux Weir
***Competition and novelty shoots will be posted soon. Check back!

General info for site events:

A&S Championship and Bardic Championship will be held at this even on Saturday.

Event will be Ithra qualified. Although no fighting activities for heavy/rapier are planned, classes and workshops designed to help fighters such as armor building/fighting theory classes, etc. will be announced soon.