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Embers and Ambrosia

May 26-29, 2023
Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Maire Blakater
Date: May 26 , 2023 until May, 29 2023
Site opens at: 12:00 PM on May 26th 2023
Site closes at: 12:00 PM on May 29th 2023

Pre-register and pay via credit/debit here: *Note: RVs are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to pre-register!

Welcome to Embers and Ambrosia: a weekend event with camping focused around A&S classes as well as our A&S, Bardic, and shield of the Barony Championship.

This coming spring, Blatha an Oir again combines three events to bring people together from across the Kingdom in their passions and interests. We are hosting Embers and Ambrosia, Celtic Bardic, and Daffodil Archery at the Swiss Sportsmen’s Club on Memorial Day Weekend. This is a wonderful site to kick off the event camping season with a mix of indoor/covered event space and even areas for younger children to burn off energy when parents or siblings are in classes.

Saturday night! A traditional bardic circle to be held in the Fiddle and Flagon!

We are looking for instructors for A&S classes in all genres and invite any who wish to share their knowledge of the Medieval Arts and Sciences to teach a class, no matter where you reside in the known world. This is our Barony’s main learning event of the year; we encourage all to attend whether a beginner looking to begin a new skill, or a master craftsman, and are looking for a wide range of classes to fill those needs.There will be space to set up if you prefer a demonstration lay-out –blacksmiths, weavers, cooks, glass beads, wire-weaving, martial technique, all are welcome! Spaces will be available both indoors and out, with some area set aside for the Baronial A&S and Bardic Championships. It is our hope that we will have classes geared not only for fibers, food, music, and fire, but also for those looking to add to their fighter’s kit, to learn about becoming a junior marshal, or even for hunting, hawking and more.

Saturday Arts & Science Championship

The competition for A&S Champion will be an Athenaeum-style presentation of your works, research, projects, items in progress, or previous A&S submissions. Those interested in entering should reach out to the A&S Minister at and the Coronets at and

Demos & Classes


  • Bronze casting: from design all the way to finished product
  • Tablet Weaving: weavers available to answer questions, and let folks see the mechanics of weaving on Saturday. See different styles of looms and historical books, example bands.
  • Cooking: Dragon’s Laire Cooking Guild will be cooking delicious medieval foods all weekend on outdoor firepits. Come by and ask questions, watch how medieval people would have cooked, and maybe get a sample! (cooks permitting)
  • Pottery: See how useful items for cooking in the middle ages were made out of clay. Demo will happen all weekend.
  • Flint and Steel: Demonstration of fire-starting with flint and steel. We will talk about materials and methods. Opportunities for those wish to try. No set time for demo


Basic Middle Eastern Dance, HL Samira Al-Waddi, 1 hour Learn the basic steps and moves to Middle Eastern dance. Learn how to move your body with grace and style and be able to jump into a drum circle with poise and confidence. All age groups and body styles are welcome. Not tight clothes recommended.

Beans, Boots and Bullets (and Spies) in Ancient Rome, Paullus Quinctilius Barbatus 1 hour
The History of the Roman Legions’ Frumentarii corps

Beginning DrummingHL Samira Al-Waddi, 1 hour  If you can count to four, you can learn to drum. Learn basic Middle Eastern rhythms using drums, tambourines and zills. Easily play with others or alone… but so much more fun to play with others! Some instruments will be available to learn on, but bringing your own is highly encouraged!

Beginning Hand Stitched Historical Seams, Lady Elizabeth (Bess) North 1.5 hours. 5 student maximum, $10 class fee  Pre-requisite: Intro to Block Printing class  Students will learn basic hand stitches and 3 or so historical seams, will use fabric printed in block printing class to make a historical bag.

Brewing for Reenactors, Pádraig Mac Ailpein 1 hour. 20 students maximum  In this session, I’m sharing my experiences as a brewer in the medievalist community. I’ve run the Fiddle and Flagon, an SCA tavern, for about five years now, and I’ve learned a few things about homebrewing period-plausible and period-adjacent drinks for an SCA audience.

Brickstitch Embroidery, Elisabeth de Besancon 1 hour. 12 students maximum  Students will learn the basics of the counted embroidery stitch called brickstitch and will get enough materials to make a small pouch. Students can stay after class and continue to work and get help.

Building Badger’s Basic Bottle Bearers (Macrame Bottle Holders for Modern Water Bottles, Badger the Humble. 30 minutes 10 students maximum, no class fee.  This will be an intro into making a square knot based net carrier to add some period inspired flair to water bottles in an effort to reduce single use plastic bottles and increase general hydration. Bottles and Jute Twine will be provided. However, if you have a favorite modern water bottle that you’d like to use instead, that is fine.

Etiquette of the Eric, Katryne MacKim, 1 hour  This will be a short class covering what you (as a fighter) should know about stepping into the Eric to fight.

Falconry and Finery, Dagrun Harasdottir (Runa) 1 hour. NO DOGS ALLOWED. LIVE RAPTORS WILL BE USED IN CLASS.   Falconry played an integral role in medieval life. This class will cover a brief history of the sport and what role it played in day-to-day life. Learn about the sumptuary laws surrounding the sport. How would one dress? What are the laws and penalties for hawking above one’s station? What were you expected to know? This class is for anyone interested in falconry, persona development and anyone who would like to meet a bird of prey.

Fighting Garb for the Female form, Katryne MacKim 1 hour  This is a practical class on dressing from the skin out for the female identifying fighter. Different types of garb, and practical conversations about shoes, stockings and (gasp) unmentionables. Bring questions about clothing you want to fight in. Note this is not a class to draft patterns, (a skill I do not have), but more to help you identify practical help with garb.

Frame purses, Gracia Abrabanel, 1.5 hours 10 students maximum, class fee $3 for frame and tassels supplies. Bring your own fabric  Make your own medieval frame purse, perfect for carrying a wallet or cell phone and suitable for European, Slavic and Mediterranean persona from the 10th to 16th century. Bring a 12″ x 24″ section of fabric for the main body of your purse.

How to make a Flemish Twist Bow string, Weylyn of Sotwyld 1.5 hours  This will be a description of the steps necessary and a practical demonstration of the making of a Flemish Twist Bow string to include serving the bow string. I will provide all necessary supplies and equipment. A completed string will be made for one of the participants. Participants should bring a chair to sit in and their bow if they desire (not required).

How to Paint a Shield, Andromacha of Lesbos 1 hour  Learn how to paint your shield to make it dynamic, personal, or just to stand out from the other fighters and their boring blank shields.

Intro to block printing, Melissa of Dalmatia 1.5 hours, 5 students maximum, $5 class fee Note: This class is partnered with Beginning Hand Stitched Historical Seams   Learn the basics of block printing fabric to embellish your garb! Design, carve and print with your own block! Planning in conjunction with Bess North’s hand sewing class-block print some fabric and then hand sew a haversack to take home!

Intro to scroll and charter design, Gracia Abrabanel 1.5 hours, 10 students maximum   Learn to go from blank page to a scroll or charter design that is ready to paint. Participants should bring a pencil.

Intro to working with Fur, Charles de Bourbon OL, 1.5 hours, 5 students maximum. Class fee $35 if you want instructor to supply the items.   We will cover the types of fur that were used in 14th-16thc. Europe and the basics of working in fur: cutting, piecing, and stitching. Please bring fur, a leather hand sewing needle, regular thread, twill tape (bias tape is not a good substitute), an exacto knife, tailors chalk.

Introduction to Home Brewing, HL Asher der Jäger, 1.5 hours  Instruction in basic home brewing with comparison to historical methods.

Latvian Knitting – Scalloped Cuff, Elonda Blue Haven 1 hour 6 students maximum   Must know how to knit. This is a hands-on class to learn the scalloped cuff technique in Latvian knitting. Bring yarn and needles in a size you are comfortable with. This is knitting in the round so needle should be 4 or 5 dp or circular. limited supplies may be available for purchase.

Live Meads – a Medieval Party Drink- 21 AND OVER ONLY MUST BRING ID, Hugues de Bertoncourt 1 hour   We will discuss different types of meads, including medieval “live” meads that are not common in the modern world. These are short-ferment hydromels, metheglins, and melomels that can be made in large batches on a short time frame. They were served fresh–sweet, bubbly, and lightly alcoholic– and are not shelf-stable. Will include recipes and tasting (21 and over).

Long Stich Book Binding, Lady Aleksandra Grozkaya 3-4 hours, maximum 8 students, $40 class fee  Learn the medieval art of book binding without the use of adhesives.

Making a Period Sunscreen, Mecia Raposa, 1 hour, 8 students maximum, $5 class fee  In this class we will make sunscreen for you to take home based on the recipe by Trotula.

Medieval Dance 101, Sara de Bonneville 1 hour   Learn the basics of medieval dances, impress your friends at the next ball!

Medieval Dance 201, Sara de Bonneville 1.5 hours   Building on the skill learned in Dance 101, work on intermediate steps and skill building.

 Rapier Marshalling—Introduction, Katryne MacKim 1 hour no class fee if you bring your own copy of Antir Rapier ABC’s, otherwise printing fee for copy will incur.  This class will provide an introduction to being a Jr Rapier Marshall. We will be cover what you need to do to become a junior marshal. This will include topics such as: armor inspections, what the armor requirements really mean, what is expected while on the eric, and perhaps others. Please bring your questions. Please bring a copy of the ABC’s with you. I will have a few copies available for use during the class.

 Starching Linen Accessories, Annaka Poznanska 1 hour  An overview and demonstration of 16th century sources and uses of starch to stiffen linen accessories.

 TAM-Junior Target Archery Marshal, John De Percy 2 hours   This class will cover the requirements to become a Junior Target Archery Marshal. Topics will include the An Tir Book of Target, the Society’s Target Archery Marshal’s Handbook, equipment inspection, range safety and range operation. Participants are encouraged to review the An Tir Book of Target (December 2019 edition) prior to the class. Following the discussion, participants will have the opportunity to run the archery range under the supervision of Senior Target Archery Marshals. Successful completion of the class will qualify those who have SCA memberships to become authorized as a Junior Target Archery Marshal. (Bring those membership cards.) Individuals who are not currently members are also encouraged to take the class but will not be able to be authorized at this time. Bring a chair, and something to take any notes you might want to make. If you have a printed copy of the An Tir Book of Target (or want to print one out), bring that along as well.

Saturday: Archery & Thrown Weapons Tourneys

Daffodil Archery- Good gentles, Saturday our Baron is sponsoring the Daffodil Archery Competition with a great prize for the winner. This year’s competition will consist of skill, accuracy and a couple of fun novelty shoots.

Thrown Weapons- Good Gentles, Saturday at Embers this year our Baron is sponsoring a prize tournament for Thrown Weapons, it will consist of all the fun weapons in our arsenal with some fun novelty throws worked in the mix, come join the fun and test your skills!

Sunday: New Heavy Fighter Tourney

Shield of the Barony- The Shield of the Barony is the title awarded to the winner of the new heavy combat fighters tournament. The competition for the Shield of the Barony was added in June of AS XXVI / 1991. The first and foremost requirement to compete in this tournament is that the fighter have been fighting for less than three years and have never won another tournament. In addition the requirement for this champion is that they be willing to swear an Oath of Fealty to the Coronets and that they be available to conduct the following years tournament. The Shield of the Barony can be identified by the round shield with the Boss ornamented by the Baronial Crossed Daffodils that he carries during the year he holds the position. The position can only be held one year due to the requirement that those who enter can never have won a tournament and the Champion is in charge of running the tournament to select their successor.

The Words of the Shield: If we have 3+ fighters, then they will fight each other one-on-one three fights. Gaining 1 point for each fight won. The two fighters with the highest score then have a best of five match. The winner of which is the new Shield of the Barony. If we have two contenders, they will have a best of Nine fights. The last of which must be done with single sword. If there are no contenders, then I will have my Knight (who has agreed) to fight ne a number of times in front of the Baron and Baroness. Afterwards he will declare if I would be suitable to remain as the Barony’s shield.


Two playgrounds for children onsite!


Fire and Flame Sundries -clothing (shirts, tunics, drawstring pants), cloth pouches and bags, jewelry and accessories! Quorum of Cute- Toys and jewelry! Silver Wolf Trading-hand painted dragon eye necklaces, custom sized leather chokers, leather drawstring pouches, archer hats, hat feathers, leather bracelets, various pendant necklaces, leather Pride and pronoun pins and more accessories too! The Beadery- beaded necklaces, and doo-dads.


Swiss Sportsmen’s Club of Tacoma
9205 198th Ave E
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Site opens for general public at 3 pm on Friday April 26th, Event staff, volunteers willing to help put up classroom pavilions, and merchants are allowed on site at 12 noon.

Gate opens Friday at 3 pm and Saturday morning at 8:00 am closes before evening court.
Site closed Sunday at 1 pm, everyone must be packed up so that event team can have the site cleaned by 3 pm


Site Fees:

Event cost is $30 for the event with a $5 member discount.
Flat fee for RV: $60
Flat fee for tents: $15

Camping & Site Information

General public: Camping available both Friday and Saturday evening. Please note the per tent fee.

Camping fee: This site has a $15 per tent fee that we must charge, and a $60 RV camping fee. There is no camping fee per person, just PER TENT. Open pavilions do not count towards a tent fee.

This site has bathrooms AND showers. It is discreetly wet; please keep all alcohol within period/period-esque containers. Fires are allowed within fire pits only, and must not be left unattended at any time. Ashes/partially burned wood must be removed from site: there is no dumping area for them. DO NOT PUT ASHES IN TRASH CANS. Please be sure to have a bucket of water and fire extinguisher handy near any open flames. We will be using the Alpenhaus, which has a small kitchen area and electricity with a sink, fridge,and stove/oven. If you wish to use these facilities please talk to the event steward first. You will also be required to clean up after yourself in the kitchen, please don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.


Sunday: Celtic Bardic

Those wishing to compete for the title of Baronial Bardic Champion must present two (2) pieces, historical, or historical like, maximum of ten (10) minutes each. No documentation is required, but you may be asked questions about your performance piece by the current Bardic Champion or Their Excellencies.