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Celtic Bardic

Thank you for your interest in Celtic Bardic!

Celtic Bardic is being held at Embers and Ambrosia, please visit the Embers page for more information!

Rules for Celtic Bardic 2019, Blatha an Oir Baronial Championship, April 27th, 2019

Candidates must declare their intent to compete by Blatha an Oir Candlemas, February 9th, 2019.  Candidates are encouraged to declare during Candlemas court or send a missive to be read at court, if possible.

 Each candidate should have two performance pieces; one piece must be documentable to the SCA time
 Documentation is due to the current bardic champion by April 20, 2019.
 You will have 10 minutes per performance, which includes your time to present oral documentation.
 Performances may be song, story, poem, dance, instrumental, puppetry, or any other bardic performance art.

Judges will be looking for:
o Oral documentation offered.
o Time- did the performance stay within the time requirements.
o Mood- did the performance evoke a Medieval/Renaissance ambience?
o Audience interest – did the performance hold the interest of those watching?
o Performance/technical ability- was the piece and performance well written, sung/spoken/danced/recited?

If you have any questions, please reach out to:

Lady Maire nic Shiobhan
An Tir Kingdom Bardic Champion
Blatha an Oir Bardic Champion