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September Business meeting minutes!

9-28-17 7pm
Kira: Down to 1 account. The economy business checking account as a balance of $44,107.07.

Mickel: Nothing to Report

Heavy Marshal
Given by Baron Gernon – Fighter practice is changing days. There is 1 more Tuesday on 10/3/17 then it is moving to Sunday. The 1st Sunday practice will be on 10/15 but the time is not yet determined.

Rapier Marshal
Not present

Archery Marshal
Shawna: Good practice. There have been 2 events. Have already submitted quarterly report. Will continue thru-out October, weather permitting. Keep an eye Facebook & Postern Gate. I am submitting a request for a 1 year extension as there is no one to take over. Baron Gernon asked how long she has been the marshal and her response was 3 years.

Angharat: Tournaments at Lord Defenders. Forms are going into quarterly report. Nothing coming up.


Web Minister
Aleksii: Website is back up. Having many issues with the An Tir server. Same file got corrupted as last time. Going to start looking at other web hosting services that are more reliable. Reminder if posting about an event, send to Aleksii and Audny and it should be set up within 24 Hrs. Alekssi will add Audny to the email forwarding from the website.

Elizabeth: Sewing night is moving back to Monday night. Sergeants Trials is coming up. Start thinking about Kingdom A&S or competing at Embers.

Not present

Gold Key
Given by Audny: I still have 6 boxes of general donations and not suitable garb. Rachel has the suitable boxes for events. I would like to do a garage sale at Candelmas.
Thomasina: Scribe have been busy since before Autumn War thru Lord Defenders. We are doing some Kingdom Charters. Scribal night resumes 10/12/17 @ the Tacoma Star Center. November Scribal Night will be the last one this year. We traditionally take December off.

Family Activities

Jazod: Traier went to Lord Defenders with no issues. Denny delivered it and Scott went through and straightened it out. Everything is okay. We still need insurance on the trailer for storage. It is on the Exchequers list. We get commercial insurance based on the address of storage. His Excellency requested to get it with the current address of storage and change it later if we move facilities.

Baron and Baroness
Baroness was not present.
Baron: Lord Defender was good. The food was excellent. If you missed it you missed out on a great event.

The Baron read a letter from the Seneschal stating that due to mundane life she is unable to extend her warrant for seneschal. We will be taking applications & resumes from today thru 12/1. Interviews will be in December & January. Decision will be made by 1/27/17 with the changeover at Candelmas.

Last Event –
Lord Defenders – Berwyn: Income was $910. Expenses were $1,795 for a total loss of $885.38. Everyone that attended liked the smoked pig.

Next Event –
Sergeants Trails will be at Sgt. Edmund Graham’s house. Parking is sparse to non-existent so please carpool. There is 1 candidate form BAO and 1 candidate from Wyewood. We would like to get a pavilion from the Chatelain. Please bring pop-ups if you have one. Don’t forget your chair. There will be a potluck dinner. We will have Heavy & Rapier fighting to test the candidates. Site fee is $15 with $5 member discount.

Harvest Feast – Site is amazing. Separate room for kitchen & classes. It is a 2 part kitchen split into cooking & cleaning so no one will get their head bitten off for rinsing dishes. Court will be in a separate area. We will put out a call for instructors. Would like a YAFA class

2019 Kingdom A&S was thinking about putting in a bid and wondering if the Barony would support that? The Baron supports the idea. Would like to see us start discussing it.